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Korean Churches for Community Development- Hyepin Im, Pres/CEO
SEA Charter Schools- Nathan Arias, Executive Director

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California Advance Services Fund
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Sra. Meneses:NIU Graduate hablando de impacto a su niña en preschool

March 10, 2014, East Los Angeles: Today is a landmark day for One Million NIU. For the first time in our 21 year history, we graduated parents who have children in preschool. This has been the vision for NIU since it's inception: to train parents with children in preschool so as to create a college-going culture from pre-k through high school. 

We are so proud of Graciela Meneses, PACE-NIU Graduate, who delivered the very best presentation on The Beehive, that we have seen in sometime. So complete, so polished, so awesome. Point by point Graciela goes down the list of how to protect her child from the negative things on the Internet. Acknowledging that there are very important and critical resources on the Internet, but that parents need to stay in their child business. You would think that Graciela is a seasoned professional who has done presentation on the Beehive for years. This is actually her first time. Graciela is obviously a top candidate to enter NIU's Train the Trainer Program.

This is such an awesome landmark day for the entire NIU team. We are so blessed to have great partners like Rachelle Pastor Arizmendi, Director of Early Childhood Education, PACE. Thank you Rachelle for providing the opportunity to embark on this journey with parents who have children in preschool.

Special thank you our sponsors California Public Utilities Commission - California Advanced Services Fund. 
Special thanks to Cal State L.A. MESA Director Thelma Frederico, and our host for the classe Dr. Mauricio Castillo, Professor at Cal State L.A. for getting us the parents and opening up the doors to the University to give parents a real? feel for college learning.

One Million NIU Grad Ceremony - Van Wig Elementary, Bassett Unified School District, California, June 21, 2011, positively impacting the drop-out rate.

Bell Gardens, CA: Suva Intermediate School - Montebello Unified School District hosts One Million NIU Graduation ceremony for 20 parents graduating from the Parent Engagement through Technology program. One parent shared that as a result of her graduating from this course she(mom of four children) has decided to finish her high school degree. Very proud moment for trainers Marcela, Michael and Diego. Congratulations to all no the NIU Team who made this day special. Thank you to the leadership of Superintendent Smith of Montebello Unified School District, and School Boardmember Gerri Guzman for supporting the NIU Graduation today, your attendance made the graduation special for all the graduates.


Success Story:

Parent Advocate Maximina Soto

One Million NIU Graduate - Los Angeles

“The first email I ever wrote in class was to my son who was serving in the military in Afghanistan. At first he didn't believe it was me,” Maximina laughs. “I finally convinced him and wrote I was taking classes and learning how to use the computer to better my life.” As a mother and grandmother, Maxi (short for Maximina) has always been involved in their education. NIU training has improved communication with her children and she now feels she can relate to them more. She is excited to talk ‘computer talk’ with her grandchildren. Traveling to Fresno and the Silicon Valley for the California’s One Million NIU Conferences has made Maxi a community-superstar impressing community, state, and education leaders with her life changing story. Help us empower more parents and grandparents like Maximina!