Black Business Association- Earl Skip Cooper, President/CEO
Community Union Inc-Larry Ortega, Pres/CEO
Korean Churches for Community Development- Hyepin Im, Pres/CEO
SEA Charter Schools- Nathan Arias, Executive Director

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One Million NIU Sponsors:

California Advance Services Fund
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What is NIU?   Que es NIU?   NIU는 무엇입니까?

La NIU es un elemento de cambio.
NIU는 게임 체인저이며.
NIU is a game changer.
Feb 3, 2012, East Los Angeles: Armando Sanchez of Latino Graduate, a global worldwide podcaster, interviews Larry Ortega of One Million NIU.  Ortega comments that NIU empowers parents with technology tools to better engage in their child's education.  Parents armed with technology tools introduced by NIU, enjoy an improved quality of life.  

NIU arms parents with e-resources, the game changer for many parents new to the Internet.  And even those with seasoned experience learn about new e-tools they did not know about before. Parents become the game changer for their children.  

With NIU the parents are taught to use the Internet to access key resources for improved quality of life.  Currently in 33 sites.
Special thank you our sponsors California Public Utilities Commission - California Advanced Services Fund.


NIU Mission and Vision:

One Million NIU is a collaboration of community based organizations, schools, civic and business entities coming together to increase economic and education opportunities in under-served communities.  NIU’s impacting millions of families through increased technology training and use of e-resources, found on the Internet.  The Goal: train One Million NIU (New Internet Users) in disadvantaged communities across the country.

Specifically, NIU’s Parent Engagement through Technology (PE+T) program partners with schools and other entities to provide a space where parents are trained to use on-line resources to better engage in their child’s education.   Parents with increased knowledge in technology and on-line resources become increasingly engaged in their child’s education. Parents engaged in their child’s education, dramatically increase the chances of that child performing well in school.  Survey evaluations taken from over 25,000 NIU graduates substantiate this fact. 

In the Parent Engagement through Technology program, parents build an Education/Graduation Plan, using key websites Parents are introduced to eight (8) specific websites: 1) California Colleges, 2) KnowHow2Go, 3) local school district, 4) local library, 5) Parent Tool Kit, 6) Ninos En Su Casa, 7)  Facebook and the 8) Internet Safety – how to protect your child on-line, that greatly assists them in their quest toward increased engagement.  Using a 40-hour structured curriculum, parents are walked through each of the aforementioned websites, step by step, placing key tools in their “parent” tool box.  At program end, the participants walkaway with a PowerPoint presentation, that they themselves have developed, which serves as an e-resource guide for them and their family well after the course has ended.

The exciting and distinguishing aspect of NIU is its diversity, ease of implementation and effectiveness. 

  1. NIU is in 4 languages, Korean, Chinese(Mandarin), Spanish and English,
  2. NIU is a turn-key operation, needing only a computer lab and access to parents, NIU handles the rest,Exit survey (evaluations) to show significant impacts.Promotion and recruitment,
    1. Scheduling, attendance and follow-up,
    2. Student progress-tracking,
    3. Graduation ceremony and Press (Media outreach),
    4. Post-course NIU alumni activities, and 

NIU impact results are phenomenal, just check-out NIU’s News Channel.  Training under-served communities how to access and use on-line resources, is our area of expertise.

Special thanks to Cal State L.A. MESA Director Thelma Frederico, and our host for the classe Dr. Mauricio Castillo, Professor at Cal State L.A. for getting us the parents and opening up the doors to the University to give parents a real? feel for college learning.

One Million NIU Grad Ceremony - Van Wig Elementary, Bassett Unified School District, California, June 21, 2011, positively impacting the drop-out rate.

Bell Gardens, CA: Suva Intermediate School - Montebello Unified School District hosts One Million NIU Graduation ceremony for 20 parents graduating from the Parent Engagement through Technology program. One parent shared that as a result of her graduating from this course she(mom of four children) has decided to finish her high school degree. Very proud moment for trainers Marcela, Michael and Diego. Congratulations to all no the NIU Team who made this day special. Thank you to the leadership of Superintendent Smith of Montebello Unified School District, and School Boardmember Gerri Guzman for supporting the NIU Graduation today, your attendance made the graduation special for all the graduates.